Happiness is a life long search, Some may find it in the little things of life: a smile, a glimpse, a sunset, the soft skin of a baby, a smell

MON BONHEUR perfumes are dedicated to those who find their little moments of happiness in fragrances. The intention of the creator of Mon Bonheur perfumes are to take you by the hand,awake your senses and travel to the land of happiness, wherever it might be.



A range of perfumes with very comforting fragrances, made of pure spices, woods and flowers
respecting the French Savoir-faire of perfumes. Filled with a hint of oriental scent and charming
memoirs of the Arab culture


We commit to high standards perfumes and pursue development of new fascinating fragrances
that our customers will love and we will do our best to make it successful and make it happen


To spread love and happiness through the mode of perfume and provide genuine, authentic and
pure unisex products.

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